What Is Mutual Aid?

We encourage mutual aid between our service seekers and providers, our friends and our comrades, our allies and our neighbors. We believe that incorporating mutual aid into our lives will help to set the foundation for a freer and more just world.

The term "mutual aid" has been used in various ways over the past two centuries by everyone from political theorists to emergency workers.

However, when we use it, we are referring to as Wikipedia aptly puts it "the economic concept of voluntary reciprocal exchange of resources and services for mutual benefit." In other words, it's a much fairer and effective way of giving and receiving services and goods than using money. An example of how mutual aid can be used is if I walk Jane Schmane's dog for an hour, in exchange for one session of acupuncture.

While we do not directly discourage Seekers from giving money in return for the services they receive from Providers, as it may be the most practical means of payment in any given situation, we do encourage practicing mutual aid, and not just in regards to the health services facilitated by this collective, but in as many aspects of life as possible. Rock Dove believes that by incorporating mutual aid increasingly into more instances in our lives, it will help to set the foundation for a freer and more just world.